Keep a finger on the pulse of the market
Monitor the entire landscape of competitors and keywords, giving you the power to identify overarching trends and measure your brand's position in the market.
What can be tracked with a project?
Monitor each competitor's performance and respond effectively to their changes.
Identify emerging keywords that drive sales within your target niche.
Investigate your product's ranking for each keyword and compare it to your competitors' ranks.
Uncover overarching sales patterns to capitalize on seasonal trends.
Outpace your rivals by tracking their every move
Pricing data
Access your competitors' historical pricing patterns and remain vigilant to changes.
Benchmark against top competitors
Rank your rivals by success and assess your standing. Draw valuable insights to become the market leader.
Monitor reviews and ratings dynamics
Keep track of your competitors' review acquisition rate and observe changes in their ratings over time.
Discover the keywords that truly make a difference for your business
Stay ahead with trending keyword analysis
Identify high-potential keywords on an upward trajectory and target them before your competition does.
Leverage keyword distribution insights
Grasp how sales are divided across keywords to prioritize those with the highest returns.
Navigate the sales story behind each keyword
Delve into the complete sales history of every keyword, quickly discerning between those gaining traction and those in decline.
Smart rank tracking that makes it easy
Experience unparalleled rank accuracy
Trust our multiple daily checks to provide a detailed view of your keyword rankings. Enjoy peace of mind with automatic adjustments for shifting ranks
Rank change clarity
Explore rank changes with ease through our intuitive interface, tracking both your competitors and your ASIN.
Empower your data-driven decisions
Export your ranking data at hourly or daily frequencies, incorporating it effortlessly into your operations.
Data-driven inventory planning
Base your inventory decisions on reliable sales data, eliminating guesswork and optimizing stock levels.
Strategically time your marketing efforts
Boost your keyword presence during slow periods to reap rewards during peak sales times.
Benchmark your performance within the niche
Gain valuable insights into your niche's overall performance, allowing you to measure your success against the wider market.
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