Discover the keywords that drive sales
Perform a reverse lookup on any ASIN to pinpoint the exact keywords shoppers use prior to making a purchase.
What can ASIN Insights do for you?
Identify the keywords that truly matter. Prioritize crucial keywords by assessing their relevance, while disregarding less important ones.
Select the date range you need for data insights. No longer be confined to just the previous month's data
Uncover the conversion rate for top ASINs per keyword: Determine the precise sales generated by each keyword for a clearer understanding.
Delve into any keyword to uncover its sales history over time and spot emerging trends.
Focus on what matters
Avoid keyword overload for each ASIN with our Relevancy and Keyword Priority Score, empowering you to concentrate on the most impactful keywords.
Customize your data view with Datarova
Break free from being forced to view only the previous month's data. Grasp the seasonal nature of your products by customizing your data view and accessing sales data for any time frame.
Gain exclusive insights on your competitors
View the conversion rate and exact sales each keyword drives to its top ASINs, providing insights into the most impactful keywords to your competitors, and allowing you to target them.
Deep dive into keyword history
Delve into any keyword to uncover its sales data over time. Effortlessly identify trending keywords and those losing traction.
What sellers say about us
The only app that I use for keyword research. Really love the focus on keywords that generate sales and move the needle, vs other tools that just guess search volume. Awesome also for understanding seasonality.
Keith Mander
7- Figure Amazon Seller
Datarova is much faster than any other app and makes it easy to quickly access my keyword data
Michael Patrón
8- figure Amazon Seller
We've tried all the tools for Amazon sellers and Datarova is by far the best. It gives us information that we just can't get anywhere else.
Shane Eddison
8-figure Amazon Seller and Agency Owner
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